Scholarship Opportunities

The Amanda Himes Memorial Scholarships funded by Cyrus H. and Lucille M. Bowman and administered by Waterstone and Red Lion Christian School will be offered again this year. They have been established to provide tuition assistance for students currently enrolled at Red Lion Christian School and for college tuition assistance for members of Red Lion Bible Church or graduates of Red Lion Christian School.

For students currently enrolled at RLCS, the scholarship committee will award the scholarships based on academics, behavior, attendance, community/church involvement, and need. The earnings of the grant will determine the numbers of scholarships available. For the 2019-2020 academic year we anticipate enough earnings to award twenty scholarships of $1300 each. The scholarships will be applied to school accounts when the required service hours have been completed.

The second scholarship has been established to provide funding for a college sophomore, junior, or senior who is either a member of Red Lion Bible or a graduate of RLCS. The RLCS scholarship committee will award the scholarship based on the undergraduate’s statement of faith, academic achievements, career goals, and community/church involvement. The earnings of the scholarship will determine the amount of the scholarship. It is anticipated that two $4,000 scholarships will be available for the 2019-2020 academic year. The Bowman Scholarship is a scholarship program of Waterstone a non-profit organization located at 10807 New Allegiance Drive, Suite 240, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80921. The tax identification number is 75-1750059.

Applications and information for these scholarships can be obtained from Mr. and Mrs. Russell Blew, Mr. Michael Runk, or Mrs. Joan Schmuck. All need to be renewed every year. An information sheet and application can also be downloaded from the website: Each application must be filled out and mailed to Mr. Michael Runk at 105 Springvale Road, Red Lion, Pennsylvania, 17356 by May 12, 2019.